Video Streaming

Video IP Streaming Encoders and Decoders

IP Streaming Video Encoders such as the Boxcaster Pro Streaming Encoder from allow you to stream high quality 4K video without excessive bandwidth requirements, and over either a hard-wired Ethernet connection or wi-fi. Simply input audio and video from professional sources and use its video pass-through or 4.3’ touchscreen to monitor your live video stream.

We can also provide solutions to stream video throughout your facility instead of just offsite – streaming to digital signage allows fans to roam about without missing any of the game!

BoxCaster Pro for Digital Video Streaming

Video Streaming Cloud-Based Hosting Service

Video takes a lot of bandwidth and storage capacity, but you can alleviate both of these problems by using cloud-based hosting. We can help get you set up on a hosting plan that will allow you to reach your fans wherever they may be, while not saturating your own local network infrastructure.