Are your fans

missing the game?

Increase Fan Engagement & Build Revenue

If you could deliver a solid high-quality video streaming experience to remote fans – alumni who want to catch a game, or parents who are out-of-state – imagine how that would increase your overall fan engagement and excitement.

Not to mention all the ways you can monetize that video stream – everything from additional advertising revenue to online ticketed events.

If only if were that easy, right?

Unfortunately, if you’ve tried to stream video before, you know it can be anything but easy – most solutions are expensive, difficult to get working right, and downright frustrating.

You’ve got better things to do than figure out complicated technical solutions…

BoxCast is Different

BoxCast makes high-quality streaming easy and affordable. It can accommodate the simplest setup to the most complex.

How Easy?

1 – Simply acquire video from one or more sources, including cameras, switchers, and iOS devices.

2 – BoxCast sends the video to the cloud and optimizes it for live viewing.

…and that’s it!

As If That's Not Enough...

>>> BoxCast lets you integrate your scoreboard with time and score overlays

>>> BoxCast lets you sell tickets to your live-stream for additional income