Telvue® B1000 HyperCaster™

Easy & Affordable Digital TV
The B1000 HyperCaster is an innovative, cost-effective digital broadcast server that provides IP video
origination for up to 20 SD or HD channels. Designed for 24/7 reliability and user-friendliness, the system
can be broadcasting high-quality digital video TV channels within minutes of its arrival.Operators can
easily ingest, search, manage, and schedule content using a simple, drag-and-drop interface and intuitive
program timeline.
By promoting a streamlined, file-based workflow, the B1000 HyperCaster dramatically reduces capital
and operating costs and increases productivity. Since the workflow is 100% digital from content ingest to
output, and compatible with today’s native IP Gigabit Ethernet networks, the HyperCaster eliminates costly
per-channel, real-time video encoders and the power, cooling, and rack space they require. This improved
workflow also relieves skilled head-end technicians of the tedious, time-consuming duties associated with
managing real-time encoders and legacy analog playout servers. Morale goes up while programming
errors go down.
For applications that require baseband video output, the HyperCaster now supports optional integrated
decoding to SD/HD-SDI, or Composite/Component/HDMI. Each decoded channel supports automatic
up & down conversion, seamless format switching on the fly, MPEG-2 and H.264, and SD & HD up to
1080p. You can run a mix of decoder outputs and digital IP channels off a single HyperCaster. With the
new output options, you get the best of all worlds: an IP broadcasting core with multi-format
MPEG-2 and H.264 playback and native digital IP switching, and your choice of IP, SD/HD-SDI,
Composite, Component, or HDMI outputs.
Key to HyperCaster’s compelling value proposition is its open, IT-friendly Linux platform and support for
industry standard codecs. Its interface with CCMS-compatible traffic and billing systems enables such
automatic tasks as search and transfer of files from networked storage, missing media notifications, and
as-run log verification. And native MPEG-2 transport allows HyperCaster to integrate with digital ad
insertion systems and EBIF interactive applications.
When the end-to-end workflow is streamlined and automated by the B1000 HyperCaster’s rich feature
set, local access, local origination, and long-form advertising channels can become significant profit
centers for cable, telco, and government access television providers.

• Leased Access Channels
• Local Origination Channels
• Digital CATV Origination
• Hyperlocal Programming
• Long-form Advertising Channels
• IP-to-Baseband Switching
• Up To 20 SD or HD Channels
• MPEG-2, SD / HD & H.264 (Optional)
• IP StreamThru™ Digital Video Switching
• PiD Remapping
• Support for ATSC, CableLabs® Formats
• Traffic & Billing, Middleware Integration
• IT-friendly; Supports FTP, SMB, HTTP & NTP
• Linux-based Server
• Operate Remotely from any Web Browser
• Customizable Content Categories
• Easily Published Program Guide for your
• Redundant Power Supplies
• Hardware RAID Array
• Optional HD-SDI, HDMI, Composite or
Component Out
• Seamless On-The-Fly Format Switching
• Automatic Up & Down Conversion (with
Decoder Option)
• Low Cost & Easy to Operate
• Supports Centralized, Regionalized, or
Edge Architectures
• Store Hundreds of Hours of Content


Engineered for simplicity and reliability, the TelVue® B1000 HyperCaster™ seamlessly integrates a powerful, compact hardware platform,
Linux based open source operating system, and proprietary real-time video processing and application software. Because it is IT-friendly and
supports industry standard codecs and formats, the B1000 HyperCaster easily interfaces with popular third-party software and devices to
automate your IP broadcast workflow from scheduling, traffic, and billing through content ingest, management, and play-out.


Video Playout
Output MPEG-2 TS over IP (Gigabit Ethernet)
Channels Option to Expand up to 20 SD or HD channels (depending on bitrate)
Program Scheduling
Interface Integrated HTML Browser Based (Secure)
Playlists Scheduled Time Based Program Playouts
Recurring Scheduled Recurring Playout
Station Timing Locked to NTP Standard
Continuity Auto-play Default Content on Program Gaps
Content Introduction
Protocols FTP & SMB
Interface 10/100/1000 BT
Capture IP Capture Channel
Network Management
Interfaces Web Browser
Protocols SMB, HTTP, NTP Remote Management & Software Upgrades
Features Environment Monitoring
High Availability
Watchdog Timer
Solid State Drives
RAID 5 Storage
Redundant Power Supplies
Capacity 8TB Standard, 5.5 TB Usable
Drives 4 x 2 TB, OS on SSD
RAID Levels RAID 5 for Media Storage
Power 100 – 240 VAC / 650 Watts
Dimension 17.2” x 1.7” x 25.2” (W x H x D)
Weight 46 lbs
Form Factors 1 RU 19″ Standard
External Interfaces & Connections (Typically Used)
Front Panel Power/Fail/Drive LEDs, Power/Reset Switch, LCD
Rear Panel Dual 10/100 BT/1000 BT, Link/Data LEDs, Console
Output MPEG-2 TS Over IP (Gigabit Ethernet)
Formats MPEG-2 Transport Stream; MPEG-2 or H.264 (Optional) Video
Constant Bit Rate (CBR), ATSC, CableLabs® HD & SD
Compatible Bit Rates Up to 200 Mbps Total Output
OS Linux
Device Drivers All Standard Drivers
Features Schedule Playout
Drag & Drop Scheduling, Event Recur and Ripple
Content Management
Custom, Searchable Metadata & Categories; Thumbnails
Website Program Guide Automatic Generation
Playlist Import/Export
Integrated Network Firewall
XMLTV & Minerva/ TV Guide Metadata
CCMS / GDP Traffic APIs
Content Analysis & Validation
Missing File Notifications: XML, Email
System Health Notifications
CableLabs® ADI Metadata (Optional)