Link Electronics – LEI-564 insert, linkpass, delete

  • VPID Inserter
  • 3Gb/s Level A & B
  • AFD Insertion
  • AFD Delete
  • AFD Monitor
  • Auto Insert (only if not detected)
  • User Programmable Settings

The LEI-564 is a product for inserting Active Format Description (AFD) data into an HD/SD video signal. The LEI-564 accepts either SD-SDI or HD-SDI input and transmits a re-clocked signal out through dual SDI outputs.

AFD is a system of codes used to tell DTV receivers, up/down converters, and other professional video equipment, how the video signal is to be displayed, especially if the aspect ratio has changed. AFD in video production is a versatile tool that eases workflow and preserves image quality. Properly managing AFD information is in demand for state-ofthe-art digital work-flows. As video productions migrate to storing all their material in HD only and converting to SD as necessary for final transmission, the LEI-564 offers a simple and reliable solution for adding in AFD for the implementation of the up/down conversion process.

The video signal format can be a 270 Mb/s SD or 1.5Gb/s HD video stream. There is automatic detection of most SD and HD video standards. The signal presence and format are indicated on the display. The AFD data is inserted as vertical ancillary data on video lines allowed per format, selected by the user. The unit is controlled by an 8 character display, with menu navigation by 2 buttons and a rotary encoder.

The 4 modes of operation include; ‘Detect’, ‘Insert’, ‘Delete’ and ‘Auto’. ‘Auto’ is used for inserting AFD, only if there is no AFD detected. ‘Detect’ mode will display the AFD already in the stream. Settings are saved in flash for easy configuration. The unit can regenerate the video payload identifier (VPID), 352M for all outputs.

The LEI-564 is a one RU chassis that is housed in the same case as the well accepted 700 series. A black front panel distinguishes between the two series. Three 500 or 700 series can be mounted in the PRT- 700 rack tray.


Format 270 Mb/s, 1.48 Gb/s, & 3Gb/s
SMPTE Standards 259 M, 292 M, (and 424 M future)
Connectors BNC
Impedance 75Ω
DC Offset 0.5V maxim
Signal Level 800mv ±10%
Format Follows Input
Connector 2 BNCs
Impedance 75Ω
Signal Level 1 .0Vp-p ±10%
DC Offset ±100mV
Jitter Improvement ~ 5%
SD @ 270 Mb/s 25ps pp, Typical
HD @ 1.48 Gb/s 15ps pp, Typical
Enter Momentary Switch with LED
Escape Momentary Switch with LED
Menu Options Eight Character LED Display
Menu Select Optical Rotary Encoder
Temperature 0° to 50°C Ambient
Humidity 0% to 90% non-condensing
Power 5 Watts
Adapter Voltage 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
Height 1.0 Inch.
Width 5.5 Inch.
Length 9.25 Inch.
Weight 1.5 Lbs.