Link Electronics ACE-2200 Automatic Closed Captioning System

Right out of the box, the ACE series will perform fully-automated, broadcast compliant, live closed captioning for live broadcasts, streaming content, or post-production with a documented 95% accuracy.
Speaker Independent
The ACE series uses a highly advanced linguistics algorithm that converts speech into text. This means it is not trained to a specific voice, but instead recognizes speech from anyone.
Cost Savings
Typical captioning services can cost local TV stations several thousand dollars each week. With the ACE Series from Link Electronics, there are no subscription service charges, no emergency or after hours fees, and no hassle. Your facility’s investment will pay for itself in just a few weeks.
The ACE-2200 includes BOTH live and post production captioning in one unit.

  • Web-based user interface
  • Ability to control system remotely
  • Schedule single events
  • Creates timestamped transcript
  • Speaker Identification
  • Schedule repeat events
  • EPG for easy schedule creation
  • Live broadcast captioning
  • Stream direct to websites (Youtube Live)
  • Translation- Spanish/ English – English/ Spanish
  • Receives Embedded SDI/ HDMI
  • Receives Balanced AES or Analog
  • Output via RS-232 or Ethernet
  • Watch folder creation for automation of caption processing
  • Post production captioning
  • CC align scripts to videos
  • Receives most popular media files and codecs
  • Output: transcript file or embedded video (most formats)