EEG HD492 iCap™ Encoder

HD492 iCap™ Encoder

Connect to Thousands of Live Captioners with iCap

This broadcast standard 1RU caption encoder supports iCap™ right out of the box. Simply authorize your caption service provider on the iCap Admin website, and then plug and play! Captioners receive encrypted audio directly from your program, and return low-latency text for feature-rich CEA-708 (USA) or OP-47 (Australia/Europe) closed captions and subtitles.

Lexi Automatic Speech Recognition Captioning

Connect to our cloud-hosted automatic captioning service, Lexi, right from your HD492 encoder; no additional hardware required! Lexi is capable of delivering over 90% accuracy in English and Spanish for many common types of media – optimal for improving compliance and accessibility on currently uncovered material.

Low Operational Cost

With a standard broadband connection, iCap eliminates the outdated need for a pair of phone lines per channel (or expensive satellite equipment) for both broadcasters and captioners.

Futureproof Technology

As a cloud service – iCap ensures a smooth transition to virtual and cloud-based architectures in the future with no concerns about captioning. The HD492 has an optional “Alta” module for direct output of SMPTE 2110-40 IP ancillary data. Or, switch your iCap access codes at any time to pure software encoding products such as the iCap Alta VMs for 2110 or MPEG-TS that are currently connecting emerging OTT delivery and IP production technologies into the same interoperable network.

Remote Administration and Monitoring

Our administrative cloud lets broadcasters and authorized transcription agencies monitor, add, change, or remove users and encoders from their account. Broadcasters can view captioner activity and retrieve connection logs on any encoder in the chain remotely from a web browser.

Multiple Output Destinations

The HD492 is more than broadcast television captioning. Route incoming captions to scoreboards, mobile devices, web streaming services anywhere with a host of available modules accessed through the encoder interface.

Additional Features Include:

  • Optional Alta module for transmitting or receiving SMPTE 2110-40 IP ancillary data
  • Synchronization of live captions and program video/audio with CCMatch technology
  • SCTE-104 VANC insertion from GPI triggers or TCP/IP messaging
  • Compatibility with 4K SDI “quad link” systems
  • Support for caption input through a built-in Dial-up Modem, Direct TCP/IP or Telnet, Teleprompters, Voice Recognition systems, and Automation servers using RS-232
  • Relay bypassed master video path for all formats of SDI video up to 3 Gbps
  • Auxiliary SDI video input for bridging caption data from one program to another
  • Additional built-in SDI decoder output shows on-screen caption burn-in
  • GPI caption relocation triggering for FCC-required emergency bumping
  • Insertion of V-Chip and XDS data
  • Simultaneous support for up to six languages
  • Regionalized output modes for North America, Korea, Australia, or China