DNF Controls – GTP-32 Control Processor

The GTP-32 Programmable Logic Control Processor:

  • Successfully Interconnect GPI’s – GPO’s – Ethernet Control – Serial Control
  • Automate Repeat and Conditional Events with Rules: The GTP Does the Thinking For you!
  • The GTP-32 Programmable-Logic Control Processor lets you easily and safely share tallies and GPI’s between mobile production trucks, production facilities, and broadcast facilities, but can do so much more!


The GPI Tally Processor is part of the DNF’s Ethernet-based Flex Control Network family of products. Via Ethernet, a remote GTP-32 can trigger local events and vice versa.
This is across a LAN or WAN, across the room or across continents!

  • Each GPI can trigger one or many GPO?s as well as commands via serial port and Ethernet.
  • Each GPO can be triggered by one or many GPI’s, as well as serial or Ethernet commands.
  • Choose from a range of control protocols over serial or Ethernet, which are easily tied to GPI’s and GPO’s!
  • Perfect as a PLC for industrial Automation and other applications.

DNF Event-Based Automation:

You set the rules, the GTP-32 does the thinking for you! Using the GTP-32’s Combinatorial Logic Option, monitor one or more inputs (GPI, Serial, Ethernet) to trigger one or more commands (GPO, Serial, Ethernet) based upon user-entered conditions: automation based on an event, not a traffic log.

  1. Selecting a program source turns on bugs / logos
  2. Selecting an interstitial source turns off logos, triggers DTMF tones and initiates server playback
  3. Source selection plus signal destination turns on / off HD up-converter, aspect converter

Keep it robust: offload these secondary events from your main automation system or manual control to the GTP-32’s event-based automation, simplifying operations for traffic and master control alike.
Automatic event logging captures it all for your records.

Control Mapping:

Change input or output configurations and signal conditioning by simply editing a table!

  1. In a shared studio facility, delegate camera tallies between multiple control rooms. Change GPI and tally routing by simply creating a new map or recalling an existing map.
  2. Quickly and easily route GPI’s from one location to another on the same floor, in the same building, between buildings, or across geographic locations.
  3. Safely integrate GPI’s and Tallies from dissimilar equipment.

User configuration and rules creation are quick and simple via any standard web browser!

Not all contact closures are the same: direct device-to-device connection doesn?t always work. Optically isolated inputs with contact closure outputs ensure fast, safe and reliable connection.

Fast GPI and Tally Processing:

The GTP-32 is designed for speed: upon receipt of a single GPI, the associated GPO is turned on or off in approximately 30 milliseconds. Four GPIs are processed in 80 milliseconds. Conversely, program a needed delay between receipt of a GPI and the GPO trigger!