ArgoNavis Quad SDI Multi-Viewer

The Quad SDI Multi-Viewer & Monitoring system allows operators to monitor four independent video streams in real time with a ‘snapshot’ feature to capture the current video image as a bitmap for reference or distribution.

Up to eight channels of embedded audio can be monitored per video channel with live, real time amplitude and LKFS loudness measurements provided for each video source for confidence monitoring and CALM Act compliance. LKFS measurements are date and timestamped and logged every 500 msecs for proof of compliance.

Decode, monitor, and log various types of VANC data including 608 and 708 closed captions, Active Format Descriptor, Broadcast Flag, and Dolby Audio Metadata in real time.

  • Features

    • View Real time viewing of four independent HD/SD SDI streams with eight channels embedded audio per stream.
    • MonitorConfigure thresholds for audio amplitude levels, audio LKFS values, closed captioning, VANC data, SDI black frames, and SDI freeze frames.
    • Alerts Automatically send email alerts to operators, engineers, and managers when monitored parameters exceed thresholds. Automatically take a ‘snapshot’ image of the video ,audio, VANC, and other monitored parameters on an alarm or alert.
    • Daily Alarms Log Create a daily log of the pass/fail state of all monitored parameters with all events date and time stamped.
    • Daily LKFS Log Log date and time stamped instantaneous and average LKFS measurements every 500 msecs. Logs are organized by date allowing for easy retrieval of data when necessary. Plenty of storage, with enough room for years of compliance logs.
    • Daily Closed Captioning Log Log date and time stamped decoded 608, 608 embedded, and 708 Closed Captioning for proof of compliance and record keeping. As in all other logs, the Closed Captioning logs are organized by date for quick and easy retrieval of data when necessary.
    • Graph Easily graph LKFS values using the log file CSV format in the spreadsheet application of your choice. Insert upper limits to quickly and efficiently demonstrate compliance in a graphical format.
    • Compliance Provide proof of Closed Captioning and LKFS compliance using log files, graphs, and snapshot tools provided by the Vela monitoring system.
    • Integration Connect to and administer on a network with Windows 7 Professional based platform. Easily configure email settings and transfer files to other work stations or NAS. Field upgradable.
  • Physical Specifications

    • Video Serial Digital Interface (SDI): SMPTE 292M(HD) & 259M(SD)
      Genlock Input: Composite, 1.0Vp-p, 75 ohms
    • Audio Embedded Audio(8 Channels) per SDI Channel
    • Input Resolutions 1080P: 23.976, 24
      1080i: 25 (50), 29.97 (59.94) 720P: 50, 59.94
      480i/486i: 29.97 576i/582i: 25
    • Connectors 4 x 3G SDI DIN for HD/SD SDI Input
      4 x 3G SDI DIN for HD/SD SDI Output (loopthrough) 1 x 3G SDI DIN for Genlock Input
      Monitor Outputs: HDMI, DVI, VGA
  • Environmental Specifications

    • Operating Temperature +10 to +35C (+50 to +95F)
    • Operating Relative Humidity 8% to 90% non-condensing
  • System Specifications

    • Casing 1.5RU (use 2RU rackspace)16.8” x 2.6” x 13”(WxHxD) ultra quiet chassis
    • Gross Weight19 lbs
    • Storage Solid State Drive for maximum reliability
    • Operating System Windows 7 Pro OS for easy network integration
    • Power Supply 100-240VAC 50/60Hz auto range rated at 250 Watts