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Camera Control Systems


Robotic Camera Controls offer full control over PTZ camera systems as well as broadcast cameras. We carry touchscreen models that are ideal for non-technical staff.

Pan Tilt Heads

Robotic Pan/Tilt Heads allow a single operator to control a multi-camera production with ease.

Below are some of the cameras we have available. Contact us for customized recommendations and a quotes.

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Video Lighting

Portable LED Light Systems

Portable studio panel LED light lets you take studio quality lighting to the field. These are ideal light source for both broadcast studio and field video productions.

On Camera LED Lights

On-Camera LED lights are great for applications such as interviewing players on the field. We can suggest on camera lights that have high brightness output but have been engineered to have a softer, non-glaring light similar to halogen bulbs.

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Key West Digital Signage

Digital Signage & Kiosks

Key West Digital Signage

Menu Displays

Provide fans with clear, easy to read menus on digital displays that can be easily updated by staff as necessary. These state-of-the-art displays bring your concession stand or ticket booth into the 21st century.

Game Scores & Player Info

While you can obviously display current scores to keep fans up-to-date on the game, you can also provide interesting player information. These tidbits get fans more interested in the personal side of their favorite players, adding to their engagement and enjoyment of the game.

Security Info & Safety Exits

On a normal gameday, digital signage placed throughout your venue can be used for wayfinding to point guests in the right direction. In the case of an emergency, these signs become indispensable. You can immediately display security information to calm fans, and provide them with directions to safely exit the stadium.

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telestrator in use


telestrator in use

Coaching and Training

Telestrators that run on mobile devices like the Microsoft Surface are ideal for coaching and training applications. Annotation tools can be used over images, video clips & web pages, all of which can be recorded as video clips for players to review previous sessions in their own time.

Fan Entertainment and Broadcast

Telestrators intended for broadcast allow Producers to maintain channel branding by allowing use of custom graphics. The presenter has the ability to control video clip playback directly from the touch screen, and access to a large selection of annotation tools like arrows, curves, angled lines, freehand draw, spotlights, zooms, etc.

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Padcaster iPad production studio

Support Equipment & Accessories

Padcaster iPad production studio

Padcaster Studio

The Padcaster Studio lets you turn your iPad into a fully portable mobile production studio. It includes everything you need for professional video – even the green screen.

Tripods and Mounts

Quality tripods and camera mounts give you the stability and security you need, with smooth panning movement when you need it.

Batteries and Cables

Keep your equipment powered up and running. When you need battery or cable replacements, we can help you get the right thing.

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Instant Replay System

Instant Replay Systems

Instant Replay System

Broadcast Replay Systems

Envivo is a slow-motion replay system that allows for multiple camera inputs and multiple controlled outputs – it provide’s everything you need! Envivo Replay lets you monetize and capitalize on every moment and every image you capture, even allowing you to directly publish to your controlled social media outlets. Sports and Live Event productions are part of nearly everyone’s daily existence. In some way, we all consume some form of entertainment every 24 hours. Envivo Replay is key to reaching your audience, in either a live or recorded workflow.

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Evercam Xu 81 W Full Hd Pan Tilt Zoom Camera 3q D


Stadium Cameras

Pan-Tilt-Zoom HD camera systems can be remotely controlled, but allow for the type of on-air movements you would normally only see with manually operated cameras. Waterproof, dustproof, and suitable for areas of high contrast, these cameras are perfect for stadium application.

End Zone Cameras

End Zone Cameras give coaches more visibility so they can more effectively communicate with their players for a better game. No need to put your assistant coach in a bucket truck for filming – our telescoping camera systems give you great height with minimal effort.

Below are some of the cameras we have available. Contact us for customized recommendations and a quotes.

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North Stanly High School

We met Scott Crisco of North Stanly High School at a coach’s clinic in Greensboro.  When he needed a high quality endzone camera, he decided to contact us.

“I wouldn’t want to buy a system anywhere else. Athletic Video Connection cares about you and they’re always there if you need help with equipment or service. They spend time with you to make sure you get what you need and can afford. They are a great local company you can trust.” – Scott Crisco, Head Football Coach at North Stanly High School

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